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Designed for Flipped Classroom

Teachers: why not flip your class?
Flipping the classroom means assigning the "lesson/lecture" for students to work-on at their own pace, as homework, thereby leaving time for discussons, exercises, investigations and overall better communication and reflection in class.

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Short video tutorials and worked examples are watched and worked through by each student in their preferred environoment and on their favorite devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone), allowing them to come to class prepared and with any questions they may have.
This site was designed for flipped classroom.
As suggested by educause.edu:

The flipped model puts more of the responsibility for learning on the shoulders of students while giving them greater impetus to experiment.


The following video explains and highlights the true advantages of the flipped classroom model, we strongly encourage all of our fellow teachers to watch it.

Ideal Study Companion

Students: this is ideal for studying for your next test/quiz.
Every topic is taught and explained in a clear and concise manner.
Key formula and definitions are reminded, explained and illustrated in short tutorials.
There are plenty of exercises for you to practice with the choice between seeing a simple answer key or the solutions with all of the working shown in detail.

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Formula & Tutorials

Each topic is treated in a clear and concise manner, meaning: "short and sweet".
The key formula formula is given and its use is illustrated with a short video tutorial.

Typically the top of each page looks like follows:

Notice the following:

  • In the center we're given the must-know formula.
  • In the upper left hand corner we'll find all the the topics related to the one we're currently studying.
  • We can change chapters altogether via the top navigation bar.


Every topic on the site is explained with video tutorials. Tutorials allow us to learn at our own pace. Unlike in a clas environment, we can watch, re-watch, re-re-watch, ... tutorials to make sure we fully understand what is being said.

Worked Examples

To consolidate what we learn, nothing beats working through some worked examples.
Each page has exercises for which we have the choice between seeing a quick "answer key" or the solutions with all of the working.
Just click on either of the two options to choose.

The following two pictures give us an idea of how the solutions with, and without, working are presented:

Solutions Withhout Working:

Solutions With Working:

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